Why You Need an In-Depth Boundary Survey after Subdividing Land

19 June 2019
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If you recently subdivided your property, or if you're looking to purchase a piece of newly subdivided land, having an accurate boundary survey carried out is important. However, most regular boundary surveys only provide surface-level information with regards to the property.

Regular surveys establish the position of landmarks, water boundaries and adjacent landowners. But in the case of newly subdivided land, you may need more in-depth information about the property. You may wish to learn more about the property's history, the presence of utility lines or any access to public roads. This deeper level of insight can only be provided by an in-depth boundary survey.

Here are several reasons why such a survey is the way to go when making plans for your subdivided property.

The survey contains more details

There's a reason why a comprehensive survey is considered in-depth. This report typically contains more layers of information about a piece of land. From utility lines to the type of soil on the property, you can use an in-depth survey to make accurate plans for your piece of land.

In the case of subdivided properties, boundary issues are quite common. You need more than just a general survey that contains arbitrary coordinates. An in-depth survey will assess any possible land encroachments from your neighbours, as well as the state of all bordering properties. In this way, you'll receive a thorough assessment of your property, which you can use to implement development plans without worrying about boundary disputes moving forward.

The survey makes commercial transactions easier

If you're looking to implement a commercial project on your newly subdivided land, having an in-depth survey carried out will be critical. Such a survey may even be requested by any institutions that you seek an investment from, such as mortgage lenders.

In-depth surveys provide plenty of background information regarding the piece of land, such as previous property owners, a history of flooding (or other inclement weather) and feasibility studies for commercial land development. The report serves as a one-stop shop for the property owner to make many different decisions regarding their commercial project.

And because in-depth surveys are admissible in court, boundary disputes are less likely to derail your commercial project in the future.

The survey makes selling the property easier

If you carry out an in-depth boundary survey as a property owner, you'll have an easier time selling the newly subdivided land. A top concern that buyers may have is whether your land has been properly partitioned and inspected by a qualified surveyor.

With an in-depth report in your hands, buyers will have more confidence when making an offer to purchase the property.

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