Surprising Advantages of Electing To Have Your Property Underpinned

2 March 2018
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If your property has started to exhibit signs of foundation trouble, underpinning can be a viable solution to your problem. Over time, your home's foundation can steadily weaken due to a range of factors such as shifting of the soil, rotting of wooden piers and so on. Underpinning is a technique that construction contractors use to mitigate the damage that has occurred while simultaneously strengthening the foundation to make the base of your property more stable. Read More 

Educating Uninformed Homeowners: Frequently Asked Questions on Asbestos Removal

29 January 2018
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In any construction project, safety should be a priority for any contractor or person in charge of the project. This involves identifying all elements of risk in a project and taking the right measures to reduce the risk of arm and injury to anyone involved. Asbestos is a common risk element, especially during renovation of old buildings and site excavation. It requires specialised handling to minimise health risks to the workers and the occupants of the projects. Read More 

How to find the right custom home builders for you

4 January 2018
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Your home is your pride and joy, it's where you feel safest and an environment you want to be able to relax in. It's no wonder then that many people will turn to custom home builders to help design and construct their dream property which they can enjoy for many years to come. However, embarking on custom build is both a huge joy and an intimidating challenge. The custom home builders you chose need to be on your side, and team players who can guide you through the complicated yet exhilarating world of building your dream home. Read More 

What to Expect When You Hire Someone to Install Piling for Your Project

1 December 2017
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Piling can be critical to support a large structure. However, most contractors can't handle this step on their own. If you are in the midst of planning a big project and you are hiring someone to do the piling you may wonder what's involved. The process can vary slightly depending on the size of your building and the exact material you choose for the piling, but in most cases, you should expect the following steps. Read More 

7 Tips for Drilling a Concrete Core Perfectly

29 October 2017
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If you need to cut through some concrete to put in a flagpole, add a drain near your swimming pool or for any other reason, you may want to use a concrete boring tool. Want to ensure your core drilling goes well? Here are some tips to keep in mind: 1. Use a Template to Keep Steady When you get started, you should use a template. That should be a thin piece of cement board with a hole cut into it. Read More