Commercial Equipment Haulage: How to Plan for Marine Transport

28 October 2020
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Transporting heavy equipment over water can be a challenging undertaking. However, if you plan for this process adequately, you will enjoy efficiency and convenience. In simple terms, marine transportation will be beneficial for your commercial needs because of the economic value, flexibility and general expediency. If you are preparing to commission marine haulage for the first time, consider using these tips to prepare for the process. Choose a Carrier It is crucial for you to choose the right company for marine transport. Read More 

Structural Steel: Three Central Planning Tips for Durable Industrial Construction

28 September 2020
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The use of structural steel in industrial construction ensures exceptional strength and prolonged service life of the building. Therefore, if you are designing a new structure for your operations, you should think about incorporating this material. Still, it is important to note that the performance of a steel industrial building will depend on the construction choices. Consider these simple outlined tips when preparing for the construction work. Compare Structural Steels There are different grades of structural steel to evaluate before choosing the perfect material for your industrial building. Read More 

Vital Hints to Remember When Subdividing Your Land for Profit

26 August 2020
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Land subdivision is an essential aspect that must be handled properly to make profits or attain the desired results. However, most property owners make the mistake of thinking that they will make profits immediately, regardless of how the task is done. The truth is that profits cannot be made when everything isn't planned correctly from the beginning. A single budget blowout, miscalculation, or move can turn a profitable endeavour into a loss. Read More 

Four Central Precautions for Surveying Land for Subdivision

30 July 2020
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Subdividing land can be a complicated process. Poor choices and practices can result in a significant decline in the total potential profits. Moreover, if the right procedures are not followed, there might be violations which could cause serious legal consequences. Therefore, when preparing for your project, it is advisable to commission a survey. The information obtained through this process will help you make decisions and ensure that the subdivision is profitable and legal. Read More 

Which Processes Do Mining Engineers Oversee?

2 July 2020
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Mining engineering is a multi-disciplinary pursuit that is in-demand in many parts of the globe. In Australia, the mining industry is one of the largest of any sectors in the whole country. As a consequence, it recruits large numbers of newly qualified employees every year. Given that most of the mining that goes on in the country is surface — or open cast — mining, you will often find the following processes involved in the daily working life of a typical mining engineer. Read More