Four Central Precautions for Surveying Land for Subdivision

30 July 2020
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Subdividing land can be a complicated process. Poor choices and practices can result in a significant decline in the total potential profits. Moreover, if the right procedures are not followed, there might be violations which could cause serious legal consequences. Therefore, when preparing for your project, it is advisable to commission a survey. The information obtained through this process will help you make decisions and ensure that the subdivision is profitable and legal. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind for successful surveying.

Check the Boundaries

You should always check the placement of the boundaries of the land you intend to subdivide before taking any action. Do not make assumptions based on your personal judgement or even the position of the fence. Your surveyor should conduct a complete examination of the land and the testing records and provide clear information on the property confines. Remember, failure to confirm this aspect could lead to chaos and disputes, especially if you encroach on your neighbours' properties.

Calculate the Size

Knowing the size of the land is important because it will help you determine the number of lots which can be legally created. Therefore, you should have this aspect of your property assessed. At the same time, you should check on the zoning laws which are applicable for the area. The minimum lot sizes are determined by these regulations. It is also prudent to consult your local council about the zone in which your tract of land is positioned in case there are some future plans for change.

Develop a Plan

You should develop a general design plan for subdividing your land. In simple terms, you cannot simply section your land based on the minimum lot sizes and the total land area. You must take into account other aspects of the subdivision. For instance, the lots must be marketable. If the lot sizes are too small, it might be difficult for you to find a lot of buyers. On the other hand, larger lots are undesirable because the profits will not be as high. In addition, you must determine the best lot shapes and configurations.

Think About Utilities

Finally, you should ensure that your subdivided lots will have the required utilities. It is the responsibility of the landowner to provide core services, including electricity, sewers, water supply and access to public roads. When establishing a design for servicing your lots, consult your surveyor. Poor planning such as opting for independent service sewer connections can make the subdivision project more expensive than necessary. 

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