How to Keep Scissor Lifts Stable

25 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You should take steps to ensure that the scissor lift that you rent remains stable at all times when you are using it. This article discusses some helpful tips that people who are renting scissor lifts for the first time can do to keep that device stable.

Isolate the Work Zone

It is advisable to cordon off the area where the scissor lift is going to be used. This measure will ensure that the scissor lift will not come into contact with any other equipment that may be operating at the site. However, it may not be possible for you to isolate the site completely. In such a case, implement adequate traffic control measures to protect the scissor from any other equipment. For instance, you can use traffic cones to restrict the movement of other equipment within a safe distance from the scissor lift.

Select Locations Carefully

You should also pay special attention to the selection of the sites where the scissor lift is used. Avoid places that have soft soils. Bumps, debris and other surface obstructions can also compromise the stability of the scissor lift. Only firm, level surfaces can ensure that your scissor lift will stay stable as you use it during your project.

Watch the Weather

Some scissor lifts are designed for indoor use only. Others can be used indoors and outdoors. Check the specifications and confirm that the lift you selected can be used outdoors before you take it there. Make sure that the weather is favourable when you use that lift outdoors. For instance, strong winds can compromise the stability of a scissor lift. Make sure that the wind strength doesn't exceed the maximum level that your lift can operate in safely.

Know When to Move the Lift

Avoid moving the scissor lift when its platform is still elevated. Elevated platforms raise the center of gravity of aerial lifts. Consequently, it will be easier for the lift to lose its stability in case it encounters an obstacle on the ground. Follow the guidelines that are provided on how to move the scissor lift. These guidelines can be obtained from the scissor lift hire agency or from the manual of that lift.

It is usually advisable to watch an experienced person using a scissor lift before you venture out on your own for the first time. That practical observation will help you to grasp the basics of how to ensure that the scissor lift remains stable as you use it. Don't hesitate to consult experts in case you aren't certain about what to do in a particular situation as you use that lift.

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