Want to Make a Splash with Your New Pool? Include These Designer Features

25 May 2017
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There are swimming pools, and then there are designer swimming pools.

If you want to go above simple functionality and create a pool that's the centerpiece of your garden, then you're in the right place. We've listed some amazing features which will help your new pool to make a serious impression. From waterfalls to hot tubs, there's something for every household.


Want to feel like you're swimming in a tropical oasis, not just a backyard pool? Custom-built waterfalls are a great way to achieve this, and they're available in all sorts of styles and heights. If you have kids, you might like to incorporate slides and climbing areas into your waterfall structure. Some waterfalls can be designed with an area behind, which is lots of fun for games. If you're going for a more adult look, a simple glass waterfall at the end of the pool is a nice choice.

Rocks and stepping stones

If the rest of your garden contains rocks and stones, why not incorporate them into your pool design, too? Using natural rocks around the edge of your pool is a lovely way to make it look more organic, and less out of place. Stepping stones are fun to walk across and make a nice feature in an otherwise plain pool. Larger rocks in the center of your pool can be used as areas for lounging in the sun, great if you entertain often. Fun features like slides can be embedded into rock to help them blend in and look natural.

Multiple levels

Pools with multiple levels can be a great option if your garden is on a slope. You could have an infinity style pool at the bottom of the garden, overlooking your local area, and a smaller pool closer to the house, creating a stairway effect. Multiple levels can also be used to separate child and adult pools. Including a small pool which isn't too deep and is kept nice and warm is perfect for kids. Different levels can also be used to incorporate features like hot tubs, so you can go straight from pool to tub without needing to get out.

Hot tubs

These are ideal if you want to create a real spa experience in your pool. Most tubs are positioned near the edge of the pool, with a few steps for easy access. Choose a tub with plenty of massage jets for ultimate relaxation after every swim.

Don't settle for a standard pool. Treat yourself to these designer features and create the best pool in the neighborhood. For more information on hiring designer pool builders in your area, click here!