Tips for Getting a Permanent Placement Role as a Contractor

30 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As a residential contractor, you know the importance of having back to back work or clients. In some cases, this just isn't possible and it could leave you with large gaps in work. At some point, especially if this is recurring, you may decide to try for a permanent position with a contracting firm. The problem is finding a firm that is hiring. One way you can do this is through a permanent placement role offered through a recruitment or staffing agency. Here are some tips to land you that role.


Certifications place you above others when you are being chosen for permanent placement roles by a staffing recruiter. You may think to list some of the certifications that you have, but not all of them. This is usually due to a belief that some of the certifications you have not being worth mentioning or being job specific. Take the time to list them all anyway. This will show your background and will play more into your experience than simply giving a small blurb about what you did with each previous client or job. Also, if you have certifications that you gained special recognition for, list those at the top with the recognition received from them.

Accept Testing

Some of the staffing agencies require certain testing for industrial or contracting jobs. In addition to this required testing, they may offer additional testing to prove that you can do something even without a certification in the testing area. If this is an option, then you should accept the testing. It may seem like it will take longer to test and find the job, or be put on the list depending on the testing dates but it will be worth it. Some of those tests may be what higher paying companies are looking for in their permanent placement roles.

Take Part-Time and Temporary

There are some jobs that are offered to you that are part-time and temporary. You may not be on the list for these or you may think they are a waste of your time since you are trying to get permanent positions. Go ahead and sign up for these. Sometimes, the companies that are using the staffing for part-time and temporary are looking for someone to just fill a space quickly. These quick fill spots can become permanent and if you are already there and showing that you can do the job, you will likely be the first in line for the permanent hire. You also show your willingness to work and make an income which will show your staffing recruiter your drive and determination. This can play a bigger role than you think in getting you that permanent role.

Some of this may seem like common sense or basic things that you would already know. The truth is, if you have never gone for the permanent role or if you haven't done this in several years, you may find that these tips are not as common as you would think and some may help you land the role that you would not have received otherwise simply by applying. For more information, contact companies like DSC Personnel.