Unique Design Ideas to Propose to Your House Designer

8 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Building plans have changed a lot over the past couple of years. Today, simply flipping through an architect's design book of already drawn out house designs is not enough. As an aspiring homeowner, you have an important role to play in the design of your house, that is, from its conception to its completion. The role you take up during the design stage of your house will determine its final look. You can start with the following unique design ideas.

Flush Design -- There is something elegant about a house that blends well with its surrounding environment. As an aspiring homeowner, you want visitors to be in awe as they approach your gate. Therefore, achieving a magnificent home design requires the designer to visit the actual site. For instance, ensure that the background of the site such as the outline of hills and the different color shades of the surrounding environment are taken into consideration. Once architects have this information, they can design the roof to blend with the contours of the background hills. They can also give the walls a design that matches the various color shades of the natural environment. These efforts will enable you to achieve a house design that is flush, classy, and easy on the eyes.

Kitchen Storage Walls -- Most modern kitchen designs incorporate upper cabinets. It is common to find these cabinets extending from one wall of the kitchen to the other. While there is nothing wrong with such kind of a setup, there are ways you can create more space in your cookery. A kitchen storage wall is one option. It creates room by eliminating the expanse of upper cabinets. The advantage is that anything in your kitchen that needs storing is kept on one side giving the kitchen a breezy look.

Bring the Outdoor into Indoor Restroom -- There is something serene about an outdoor restroom. The natural environment creates a feeling of freedom and freshness that you cannot experience in an indoor bathroom. That being said, nothing stops you from having a restroom with such a natural feel to it. For instance, you can tell your designer to place your bathroom inside the house strategically. The spot you choose should have a view of your garden or courtyard. Once this is decided, a clear glass instead of a wall could be placed at the end of the hallway leading to the bathroom. As people visit the restroom, they would appreciate the beautiful view of the garden outside.

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