Importance of a Construction Surveyor for New Home Building Projects

18 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You have decided to have your dream home built from the ground up. You have the blueprints, design options, and the land to place the house. Though you may think this, along with a contractor, are all you need to get your build started, there is one important thing you may have overlooked. A construction surveyor will also need to be there to help with the first steps of the project. If you aren't sure how this surveyor will help, or you think you don't need one, here are a few key points to consider:

Full Survey of the Property

You may think that you already have a survey. In fact, your deed to the property likely has a survey on it. This survey is to locate the lines of the property, boundaries, and if there is anything topographical that should be noted like a pond or creek. This survey is not for the home you are having built. It does not tell an architect if there will be issues or a contractor if there is something they should know that could change the contractor's plans. This is where a construction surveyor comes in. They are the first to arrive and will perform an intensive survey based on your building plans and goals. They then report those survey results to your contractor to avoid costly last minute changes or issues.

Reference Points

After the initial survey is completed, your construction surveyor will start marking reference points. These points are vital for the construction crew. They mark the boundaries of the foundation, where pipes should be placed, points for electrical hook-up poles and more. These marks also let the construction crew know if there are pipes or water lines to avoid on the property. This makes it vital to get the reference points right, not just for the construction of the home, but also for the safety of the builders.

Permit Issues

One of the overlooked points that a construction surveyor handles are the permit guidelines for your home. The surveyor will know if there are any issues with permits related to construction over a certain height or length. They will know what may be an issue with local permit offices and be able to advise you or the construction crew of these issues and options to work around them.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can better understand the importance of a construction surveyor for your new home building project. You will also be in a better position to understand what to look for when hiring a construction surveyor as well.