Familiarising Yourself with Permits for Skip Hire

19 June 2017
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Skip hire is one of the most convenient services you could opt for when undertaking various projects around your premises for example remodelling, landscaping and even spring-cleaning! Nevertheless, opting or skip hire is not merely about choosing bins based on your budget. There are several considerations to bear in mind, for instance, the amount of time you would need the bins, the type of waste that can be eliminated and the frequency at which the bins should be emptied and replaced. Another important consideration would be applying for a permit for your skip bins. So what are some of the things you need to know about these permits?

What is a skip permit?

A skip permit is a form of licensing that gives you the permission to have a skip located in specific locations. Whether you are hiring the skip for personal use or commercial applications, you would need to establish whether you would require a permit or not.

Why do you need a permit?

If you have adequate space on your property to accommodate the skip bin, you will not be in need of a permit. However, if you will be placing the skip on communal spaces such as on the kerbing outside your home or even on the road, you would have to seek permission from your local council. Failure to acquire this permit will expose you to hefty fines, which makes it essential to have the licensing.

What should you do to receive a permit?

To begin the process of acquiring a skip permit, you would have to apply for a license from your local council. Some skip companies provide their customers with the added service of going through this application process on their behalf, which is convenient for individuals who may not have the time to go to their local council physically. Once the application process is underway, the permit could take a few days to be approved. Therefore, ensure that you apply for the permit well in advance to your residential project.

How much would you pay for a permit?

The cost of skip bin permits will vary from one local council to another. In addition to the basic licensing cost, you would also have to factor in the length of time you will have the skip on public property. Your local council may charge a weekly fee for your permit. You may also find that some local councils will have additional costs if you need to renew the permit.