Why Choose A Trenchless Drilling Service?

6 July 2017
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At trenchless drilling service is a method of underground pipe installation that as its name suggests requires no trenches to be created. The process involves a horizontal boring machine drilling a pilot hole and to use this to enter and exit at different segments of the line without hitting preexisting lines and other underground obstacles. A trenchless drilling service can be used for a wide range of applications, including the installation of water lines, new sewer lines and conduit lines, and all without the expense or mess of trenching. 

Benefits Of A Trenchless Drilling Service

There are many reasons why more and more companies are opting to use a trenchless drilling service. These include the following:

  • Damage can be avoided to landscaping, hardscaping and buildings
  • There are significant cost savings when compared to traditional drilling and installation methods
  • Completion times are shorter
  • This process is safer to the environment

How Does Trenchless Drilling Work?

The first stage of the trenchless drilling process is to use a horizontal boring machine to drill a pilot hole. These boring machines are about the same size as a golf cart and so can fit into some fairly tight places. The bore head of the machine is connected to a hollow pipe that is then put into the ground. The boring process creates a pilot hole for the pipe and additional segments of pipe can be added along the way. 

The next part of the process is to enlarge the pilot hole ready to receive a new line. This is done by passing a reamer along the line and pulling it back so that it loosens and clears surrounding rocks and soil. This process can expand the hole enough that a pipe can be inserted. 

A new line can now be established through the opening that the pilot hole boring process created. Once the ends of the line have been connected the process is complete. 

The Cost Effective And Efficient Way To Establish New Lines

A trenchless drilling service is the perfect method to establish a new line without damaging surrounding areas or creating more disruption than necessary. Using this method, drilling companies can save time and money for their clients, carry out line installations and even repairs more efficiently and also help their clients to save money in the process. This method has far reaching capabilities and is being used more and more by utility companies and independent contractors.