The Various Benefits of Buying Building Supplies from a Local Hardware Store

11 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

In the past, many people used to get building supplies from local hardware stores. But with the emergence of big box hardware stores and the advent of online shopping, many builders are now torn between two choices: getting the building products and tools they need from local hardware stores or from the big-brand name national hardware stores. Below are some good reasons why buying building hardware from a local supplier may be the best option.

Better chances of getting products of the desired quality

Buying building supplies from a local hardware shop presents a good opportunity for buyers to physically assess the quality of the items they want. If a product does not match their expectations, they can simply walk out of a store and go to the next one. What is more, many local hardware stores are keen on building and maintaining long-lasting business relationships with local customers, so they endeavour to stock the best-quality building supplies. Selling top quality products helps minimise the number of products returned by disgruntled customers.

Prices are locally adapted 

Pricing is, of course, one of the major considerations that many builders make when they are choosing a hardware store. While the prices set by well-established national stores may be relatively lower than those charged by local stores, they may not factor in important factors like proximity to the job site. When the total costs of purchasing and transporting building supplies to a construction site are compared, it may be found that a local hardware store is a cheaper option over a big-brand name store.

Better customer service

Generally speaking, the business model of many national hardware stores is to offer customers a large range of products to choose from. Because of the high number of customers that they deal with every day, however, it may be difficult for these stores to give each customer the attention that they require. Somehow, most big box hardware stores tend to compromise on the quality of customer service when their customer base becomes overwhelming. If you want customer satisfaction, you are better off dealing with the staff at your local, friendly hardware store.

Starting your building project with the right materials, supplies and tools is critical to ensuring successful completion of work. You can get everything you need to get the job done from a reliable, local hardware store. This way, you will also be supporting a local business!