7 Tips for Drilling a Concrete Core Perfectly

29 October 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you need to cut through some concrete to put in a flagpole, add a drain near your swimming pool or for any other reason, you may want to use a concrete boring tool. Want to ensure your core drilling goes well? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Use a Template to Keep Steady

When you get started, you should use a template. That should be a thin piece of cement board with a hole cut into it. Place that on the ground and centre the drilling tool so that it's going into that hole.

2. Stabilise With Your Feet

Place one foot on either side of the concrete driller. Your feet should hold your template in place while also helping to stabilise you and the core driller. This can be dangerous so you may only want to use these tools if you have experience. Otherwise, you may want to hire professional concrete cutters.

3. Start Slowly

Ideally, you want to start slowly. That way you don't get thrown off balance as your core driller attempts to rip through the top layer of the concrete. Once you break through that top layer of crust, you can start to drill a bit faster.

4. Make Sure the Water Is Running

Some concrete core drillers have a small water reservoir attached to them. If so, make sure that this is filled with water and releasing it onto the tool. Without water, the blades can get gummed up and may stop cutting effectively.

That said, you also don't want to use too much water. That can create excess slurry around the core that is annoying to deal with.

5. Remove the Template as You Get Into the Ground

After you've drilled for a bit, there should be enough concrete removed so that the drill is held relatively steady between the drilled part and the concrete around it. There is no exact depthness at which this happens, but you should be able to feel the difference. At this point, you can remove the template.

6. Rotate as You Work

If you give the concrete core drill a slight rotation, that helps to get through the concrete. For best results, twist it back and forth as you work.

7. Remove the Core

Finally, once you get to your desired depth, you can remove the concrete driller. At this point, you should grab a hammer and a core chisel. Hammer the chisel into the space around the core and gently move it out of the ground.