How to find the right custom home builders for you

4 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your home is your pride and joy, it's where you feel safest and an environment you want to be able to relax in. It's no wonder then that many people will turn to custom home builders to help design and construct their dream property which they can enjoy for many years to come. However, embarking on custom build is both a huge joy and an intimidating challenge. The custom home builders you chose need to be on your side, and team players who can guide you through the complicated yet exhilarating world of building your dream home. 

Before you sign a contract, or even verbally commit to a company, there are three key things to think about to help find the right custom home builders for you.

Project manager or just the building work?

Do you need someone to be on site every day for the lifespan of the project, or are you confident that you've got the skills to arrange team meetings, manage third party contractors and handle any unexpected and potentially nasty surprises? While at the optimistic and early stages of customer home builds many people take on more than they can chew and end up under huge amounts of stress. Most custom home builders will be able to recommend aproject manager they've worked with before, or even do the work themselves. 

Do you love, not just like, their past work?

While you may look at previous work of potential builders and think 'wow', whether you actually want to live in that style of house can vary hugely. Make sure you chose custom home builders who are going to give you a home you can enjoy living in for decades, not that you are fed up with any want to change once a slightly wacky material they chose goes out of style next season!

It's also important that their vision is in line with your budget. While your builder may love the idea of working with luxury, top of the line materials, you might quickly change your mind once you see the price tag. 

Build for the long term

Custom home builders will be able to help you chose sustainable, cost effective and low maintenance materials which mean you can live in your home for the long term, without having to carry out constant repairs or replacements. Don't get caught up in the latest trends, and remember that the season you start building with isn't the season you'll be living in forever - an open roof may seem like a great idea in the summer heat, but you might just regret it once the rain sets in.

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