Surprising Advantages of Electing To Have Your Property Underpinned

2 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your property has started to exhibit signs of foundation trouble, underpinning can be a viable solution to your problem. Over time, your home's foundation can steadily weaken due to a range of factors such as shifting of the soil, rotting of wooden piers and so on. Underpinning is a technique that construction contractors use to mitigate the damage that has occurred while simultaneously strengthening the foundation to make the base of your property more stable. Residential underpinning is beneficial in correcting foundation damage. The following are surprising advantages that you could reap when you elect to have your property underpinned.

Underpinning exposes undetected mechanical damage

When your contractors embark on the underpinning process, they gain access to the concealed mechanics of your home. Therefore, they get the opportunity to carry out a thorough inspection of your plumbing, insulation and even electrical systems, which tend to be hidden by the foundation. If they notice that there is are any progressive damage occurring, you get the chance to carry out all necessary repairs and upgrades before the foundation is underpinned. Resultantly, homeowners can retrofit their premises with functional hardware that will guarantee them increased efficiency. Not only does this translate into enhanced safety for your residence but it also means that you save on mechanical repair costs in the long run.

Underpinning increases your basement's depth

Although a good number of Australian homes may have a basement, the size and depth of this area can make it difficult to use it as a functional living space. Thus, this part of the home is typically relegated to storage space, if at all it is utilised. The underpinning process can change all this by increasing the depth of your basement. Through underpinning, the contractors subsequently lower the basement floor. As a result, you now have a higher ceiling in your basement, and this makes it easier to move around in. Once the underpinning process is complete, you can choose to transform the basement into a functional space. Whether you want to utilise it as an extra bedroom, a home office or even a man-cave for entertaining, you can be assured that you will have much more usability in your basement!

Underpinning boosts property demand

If you are deliberating on selling your property in future, underpinning is a useful maintenance measure to increase your return on investment. For starters, a solid foundation base is one of the principal selling points potential buyers will contemplate when assessing your property. Secondly, the spacious basement vastly increases the overall floor space of the home.