Factors to Consider When Selecting Drilling Contractors

1 May 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

People who are planning to recover some cores from a potential mineral mining site need to identify and hire drilling contractors who will deliver the desired cores. This article discusses some key considerations which should guide the process through which you hire the best drilling contractor for the task.

Can They Deliver Materials to the Site?

Some mineral exploration sites are so remote that you may need to create the roads which crews will use to reach the target sites. Mining equipment may often need to be delivered to the site using various means, such as using helicopters to drop cargo which has been fitted with skids. Make sure that the drilling contractor that you hire has exceptional experience in getting needed equipment and supplies to various hard-to-reach sites. Such a contractor will find a novel way to get his or her equipment to the most difficult site without major delays to your work schedules. 

Can They Deal With Task Modifications?

Mineral exploration is rarely a straightforward matter. Site conditions may require a contractor to change his or her approach to core recovery. For example, the angle of drilling may need to be adjusted. The drill rig may also need to be moved to a different location from what had initially been selected. Drill depths may also need to be reduced or increased as work progresses. All these possible changes can throw an inexperienced contractor out of balance if they don't have the capacity to cope. For example, they may have unwieldy equipment which isn't easy to manoeuvre at the jobsite. Ensure that you ease the process of adapting the drill parameters to the evolving needs by selecting a contractor with the equipment which can take those modifications in stride. 

What Is Their Safety Programme?

Mineral exploration must adhere to several regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Drilling contractors should have safety programmes which meet and exceed the given standards and regulations. Research the safety programmes of the different companies and select the one which has a reputation of delivering results without compromising safety and environmental regulations. Recent safety citations (violations) should be a red flag about the practices of a drilling company.

Involve experts in the process of selecting a contractor. Those experts will design the appropriate documents, such as invitation for bids (IFBs) documents which will set out the standards which all applicants must meet before being considered for your project. It will then become easier to select the most cost-effective contractor for the project