4 Mistakes to Avoid When You're Building a New Home

5 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're working with a contractor to build your own home, there are a lot of steps involved in the process. To keep your project on track, you may want to take steps to avoid the following issues and common mistakes.

1. Not Sweating the Small Stuff

When you're creating your budget and choosing a home plan, don't forget to think about the small stuff. As you talk with new home contractors, find out what they offer as standard and figure out whether or not you're going to face extra charges for small details such as flooring, countertops, baseboards and similar elements.

Beyond cost, give yourself time to think about these elements. Look through design catalogs or tour model homes. Then, you'll be ready when it's time to choose these elements.

2. Hiring Someone Without Local Experience

As you look at different new home contractors, look for someone who has experience in your area or with your climate. The condition of the ground and the weather in different areas can have a direct impact on which building strategies and designs are the best for your home. If you hire someone who doesn't have experience with your area, they may make mistakes.

3. Going Too Large

Bigger is better, right? Well, in a lot of cases, that's true, but when it comes to home building, that isn't necessarily the case. If you like the idea of a large home, go for it, but keep in mind that your energy bills will likely be higher and of course, you'll need to keep all that area clean. Instead, you may want to choose a builder who can help you make the most of your space. An efficient design may be more effective than an extra large design.

4. Forgetting Resale Value

Designing your own home gives you the chance to customise the property to your needs, but at the same time, you don't want to accidentally make the home so unique that you can never sell it. As you work with your new home contractor, be sure to keep resale value in mind. Even if you add super unique elements, think about how you can convert those elements for other people in the future. For instance, if you put in extra space for a home daycare or an office, you may want to ensure those areas can easily be converted into a game room or a bedroom.

To get more tips on what mistakes to avoid, contact a new home contractor today.