5 Benefits of 3D Digital Models When You're Designing a Building

5 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're designing a building, you may want to hire someone to make a 3D model of your structure. Why should you consider this option? Well, a 3D computer graphic model of your building offers you the following benefits and more.  

1. Lets You Demonstrate Ideas Without Physical Models

Traditionally, architects had to make miniature physical models of their proposed designs. That tended to be time consuming and expensive. In contrast, a 3D computer-generated model has the same effect—It allows your clients or investors to look at the inside and outside of your design. However, it's faster and easier to create.

2. Offers a Risk-Free Way to Test Issues

In some cases, you may want to order the 3D computer model long before you even show your design to investors. That lets you test out issues. For instance, you could look at the movement of the sun in your area to see how that affects the amount of light that hits your building, and you could use that information to make decisions about daylighting features, awnings and similar elements.

Similarly, you could also test how the building works with different numbers of windows or with various types of cladding. You can test nearly any features with this type of modeling.

3. Allows You to Make Changes

As you investigate various issues that may affect your design, you can make changes to your digital 3D model as desired. If you make the model on your own, you can make the changes on your own, but you can also ask the consultant who made the design to adjust the model as desired. When you talk with people who do 3D models, find out what they charge to make changes to your design.

4. Often Costs Less Expensive Than a Prototype

Although the costs can vary depending on what you want, it's often less expensive to build a 3D digital model than it is to make a physical model or a prototype. When comparing costs, don't just look at the initial cost of the 3D digital model and the physical model. Instead, also keep in mind how much it costs to make changes to either option.

5. Provides a Photorealistic Model for Marketing

With a physical model, you can take photographs, but with digital 3D modelling, you have a photorealistic image that you can put on your website and marketing materials. In many cases, these photos look almost as good as real photos.