3 Benefits of Using a Multi-Station Portaloo Trailer for Your Outdoor Event

26 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Finding the right portaloo for your outdoor event can be tricky. You want to make sure you have the right accommodations, but you don't want to take up unnecessary space trying to fit every need of your guests. One option is to go with a portaloo trailer. These trailers come in multiple-station options of three or more and have a variety of benefits. Here are three of the benefits to using a multi-station portaloo trailer for your outdoor event.

Handicapped and Ramp Accessible

When you have an outdoor event, you will likely have people that are in wheelchairs. It can be difficult for people using wheelchairs to get in and out of portaloos. With a multi-station portaloo, there are not only ramps to access the trailer, but also handicapped accessible stalls. The stalls have all the amenities and feature of a handicapped stall found in a traditional public stall. This means you have safety bars, ramp access, and the ability to maneuver your wheelchair easily within the stall.

Family Stalls

Though there are multi-station portaloos with traditional and handicap-accessible stalls, there are also family options as well. This means you could have a portaloo set up for families only. These styles of trailers have family-style stalls that allow parents with smaller children to enter the stall and let everyone use the bathroom easily without having to send the boys to one stall and the girls to the other. You could have one trailer set up for families and the other trailer set up as a traditional public portaloo to ensure lines to not get long and everyone at the event can use the facilities easily.

Upgraded Amenities

A multi-station portaloo trailer has floors and fixtures that look like a traditional public restroom. There are functioning sinks, flushing toilets, private stall doors, and ventilation. The floors and countertops are usually in acrylic, but upgraded options can have tile and even marble. These amenities make the trailers ideal for outdoor wedding and anniversary events. They offer a nice touch that shows the event planner thought about the guests and their comfort as well as the event planner's clients.

If you think the multi-station portaloo trailer would be a good fit for your next event, contact a portaloo hire near you. They can give you a pricing estimate, answer questions you have about the portaloo hire, and help you decide which options may be best for your needs.