3 Ways to Save on Renovation Costs When Working with Demolition Contractors

23 February 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As more Australians are opting to renovate their existing homes rather than move to a new house, renovation contractors have been forced to subcontract demolition to professional demolition contractors. As a startup renovation contractor, it is not a good idea to conduct the demolition process yourself because of the risks involved. Since demolitions do not come cheap, you play a pivotal role in ensuring that your clients get competitive packages. This article highlights tips on how startup renovation contractors can save costs when hiring demolition contractors.

Hire Local 

Hiring demolition contractors is not just a matter of looking online, finding one with the best reviews, and giving them a call. For instance, it is essential that you select a demolition contractor based on their availability and proximity to a project site. If you hire local demolition contractors, you eliminate any chances of delay because the demolition contractor can immediately begin to work. However, if they have to come from out of town, then factors such as traffic and weather might alter the expected time of arrival. The delays translate to added costs.

Stagger Payments

If the renovation project requires a larger budget than you have available, then staggering payments can make it easier to pay. Staggering payments allows you to only pay for works that have been completed. For example, if a demolition contractor is supposed to demolish the living room and the kitchen, you can have the contractor conduct the exercise in two phases. The first phase might the complete demolition of the living room, which you can then pay for. Demolition of the kitchen can follow after that and give you a breather concerning payment. However, do not wait until the demolition contractor completes the entire job to ask for the bill. Scheduling payments allows you to make estimations beforehand. 

Salvage Materials

Although the objective of demolition work is to bring down an entire section of a building, you can reach an agreement on how to go about the process with a demolition contractor. For instance, if the kitchen countertop is in excellent condition, you can salvage it on behalf of your client. In such a case, the demolition contractor can decide to set aside the heavy machinery and approach the demolition with smaller demolition equipment such as chisels and hammers. This method will ensure the salvaging of reusable building components and may bring the cost for renovation down.