Things to Ask After You Have Requested Deceased Estate Cleaning Services

8 July 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Even when a senior loved one has been sick for a substantial amount of time, losing them will still have a big impact on your life. Once they have passed away, there a myriad of logistics that need to be handled, and if you are their only surviving relative, then the burden of handling everything will be laid squarely on your shoulders.

Fortunately, there are professionals that can help lessen the load that you have to bear, and one of the services that will prove invaluable to you is professional deceased estate cleaning. Once you have chosen the right company, below are a few things that you should ask after you have requested deceased estate cleaning services.

What is your scope of experience?

Deceased estate cleaning, granted, is not a course that is offered in schools. Nevertheless; it does not mean that you cannot ensure that you can get the best professionals in the market. For starters, you should inquire about the different types of houses that they have cleaned before so that you have an idea of the amount of workload that they can handle. Secondly, inquire about the different things that will be in included in the cleaning package.

For instance, will the deceased estate cleaner handle window cleaning, power washing the exterior walls, carpet cleaning, pest extermination in the house and so on. Knowing what they provide as well as additional services that you may have to pay for will ensure that you do not have any misunderstandings. Lastly, inquire about licensing, certification and insurance since this will protect you in the event of any undue damage to your property.

How will the belongings be sorted?

The second thing that you should ask about before the deceased estate cleaning can start is how the professionals will go about sorting your loved one's belongings. Unlike junk removal, deceased estate cleaning is a nuanced process that needs meticulous handling. Thus, the things should not be simply tossed into a skip bin but instead should be gone through carefully to determine the items that are sentimental, those that can be sold and what needs to be disposed of. It is crucial for you to have one of the professionals to be on call with you so that they can run by any items that they are unsure of how to handle with you.

As an example, there may be copies of sensitive documents, but if you already have the originals, then you may be willing to let go of them. Alternatively, you could do a run-through of the home with the cleaners and mark items with stickers to differentiate between valuables and junk.

Take these questions into consideration as you look for deceased estate cleaning services