Why You Should Always Repair Your Windows At The First Sign Of Any Crack

30 August 2019
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Glass windows are prominent features in many Australian homes as most people look to take advantage of the beautiful summer sun that comes with living in the great southern country. Of course one of the more unfortunate problems with having so many glass windows is that you are more prone to damaged windows, especially for families with kids. While it can be tempting to leave a little crack or broken corner there are a few reasons why you should always get your glass replacement professional in as soon as possible. 

Repairing Windows Is No Joke

The biggest danger with leaving a broken window alone is that these cracks can often spread much easier once there is a weakness in the glass. The surface tension is already broken and so every additional breeze or branch dragging across the window can deepen the cracks exponentially. The danger then becomes more about health and safety; if a window breaks while a small child or pet is in the room the shards can be very dangerous for them. If no one is around, then these broken pieces can still be a major hazard, as you can easily walk over them without realising there is a problem, particularly at night. Repairing windows is not an option -- it is a necessity. 

Emergency Glass Replacement

If the damaged windows are in a commonly occupied room like a bedroom or living room, then you might need to get an emergency glass replacement so it gets fixed the same day, Repairing windows is a delicate process, and if you call up a regular contractor, it might take them a few days to get around to it. That might be fine for a room that you can seal off from your kids and pets but for a main room that will simply not be possible. 24-hour glass replacement companies look to ensure that you are kept safe from falling debris and open windows at all hours of the day or night. It might be a little bit more expensive than a traditional glass replacement but it is a cost you have to pay in this instance.

Keeping The Room Secure 

When you notice there is a crack, you need to immediately create a semi quarantined area. This is to warn other adults that the glass could break at any time and also to keep pets and children out of harm's way. It is best to also move valuable items and tables/chairs out of the immediate vicinity of the affected window so that the window repairmen can get to it as soon as they arrive. If the window faces the street, then you may want to keep an eye on the front lawn so that no mischievous or malicious local kids take it upon themselves to finish the damage by breaking the window.