Three Surprising Ways That Double-Glazed Windows Improve Your Security

16 December 2019
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More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that annealed glass windows do not offer any thermal efficiency. Thus, they have steadily switched to more energy-efficient options, and a popular solution that homeowners are gravitating toward is the double-glazed window. A major benefit that this type of window offers is transforming your property into an energy-efficient house since the glass will not transfer outdoor temperature to the indoors and vice versa. Furthermore, double-glazed windows automatically soundproof your home too so your peace is not disrupted by noise from outside. However, did you know that these windows function as a security measure too? The following are three surprising ways that double-glazed windows improve your security.

Robust glass

These types of windows get their name from the glass panes that they comprise. Unlike annealed glass that is made up of one sheet of glass, double-glazed glass is made up of two panes that sandwich a layer of glass. This type of assembly makes the windows strong enough to absorb shock without shattering. So if intruders try to gain entry by smashing the glass, they will not gain any access via this route. Nonetheless, you are still responsible for ensuring that you keep your windows locked.

Sturdy locks

Most windows come with locks, but this does not mean that all of these windows are secure. If your window has a flimsy lock, your home can be breached with minimal effort. Double-glazed windows can prove to be an expensive addition to your home. However, what makes them worthwhile is that you are paying for premium windows made from high-quality materials. Thus, not only is the glass tough and durable, but the locks are typically sturdy, too. You can rest assured that potential intruders will be unable to break in by picking the locks once they have failed to break the glass.

Strong frames

The third way that double-glazed windows enhance the security of your premises is by ensuring the window frames cannot be compromised. Similar to the locks, the frames are manufactured from tough supplies that are designed to stay intact even when a burglar is trying to use a crowbar to pry the window open. The strong frames also hold the glass securely in place, which keeps them protected from breakage that put your home in jeopardy.

Overall, if you are installing window on a newly built house or are replacing your outdated ones, double-glazed windows will be the best addition to your home.

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