What You Should Know About Underpinning for Remodelling Purposes

1 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Contrary to what many people believe, not all underpinning work is subsidence-related. You may have to hire an underpinning services contractor when you are planning a major remodel of your home or business property. This is usually the case if your foundation is poor or too shallow to support the changes you will be making with your remodel.

As a property owner, you no doubt have some questions when you have to consider underpinning as you consider remodelling plans. Here is a look at two of what are more than likely your biggest concerns and what you should know about them.

Effect on Insurance Premiums

With most insurance providers, subsidence-related underpinning may affect how much you pay in monthly premiums. You can rest easy because this is certainly not the case when dealing with underpinning for remodelling purposes.

You should, however, ensure that you do speak to your insurer about it since different insurance providers do have different policies, after all. You can always change providers if your current one requires more in premiums from you on account of the underpinning.

Effect on Resale Value

As a property owner, you have a moral obligation to practice full disclosure before closing a sale on your property. Inspections and surveys also serve to ensure that prospective buyers are in the know about your property's status, including any previously done work.

Will prospective buyers be put off by the fact that your property has been underpinned? Today's potential property buyer is well-informed, and this fact, in itself may not be a put-off. You can also go ahead and explain to the buyers the reason for the underpinning. More likely than not, buyers will pay more attention to the remodelling work done and not too much on what it took to get to that.

As such, if the remodels are value-adding, then you can confidently look forward to recouping the money you put towards the remodelling. Your property's resale value will undoubtedly go up, and you will have excellent grounds to ask and negotiate for a great price.

Trust Expert Opinion

Whatever your concerns about underpinning your property when remodelling, it is essential that you trust the expert opinion of a structural engineer. Should you go ahead with your renovations without underpinning as recommended by the engineer, your property's structural integrity may be compromised. The remodels will be no good for you as you'll be putting both your property and its occupants at risk.