Compelling Reasons Not to Underrate the Importance of Spray Sealing Your Concrete Driveway

15 March 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Although asphalt and bitumen driveways are steadily becoming a popular choice for many residences, concrete remains a staple for Australian properties, and this can be credited to the wide array of benefits that this supply offers. The intrinsic robustness of concrete makes it ideally suited for driveway applications, as it will be capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles. Moreover, this innate strength makes it perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Nonetheless, concrete, like its asphalt counterpart, is not invulnerable to weathering. Without proper care, the concrete succumbs to damages that will mandate an eventual replacement. To prevent this, it is essential to engage in occasional spray sealing. If you have been under the guise that this is not mandatory upkeep, check out the following compelling reasons why you should not underrate the importance of spray sealing your concrete driveway.

Heightened aesthetic value

Concrete is not renowned for its striking visual appeal. Instead, people will sacrifice aesthetics or functionality since most individuals can agree that concrete is one of the more resilient building supplies that they can utilise for their driveway. However, this does not mean that steps cannot be taken to improve the visual interest of the concrete! Spray sealing is a great way to do so since it is advantageous to the concrete driveway in a couple of ways.

For starters, the spray seal works to protect the surface of the concrete from staining and other imperfections that would detract from its already bland appearance. Secondly, you can opt for coloured sealers that will transform the hue of the concrete, which contributes to the kerb appeal of your residence! As a bonus, spray sealing helps with mitigating the risk of grime collecting on the surface of the driveway and contaminating it with time.

Reinforced durability

As stated earlier, concrete is a sought-after building material for driveway construction since it offers high endurance. But this does not mean that you should not take measures to reinforce its durability and, subsequently, prolong its lifespan. Spray sealing is an excellent way of reinforcing your concrete driveway for several reasons. To begin with, the sealant lends an impermeable coating to the concrete.

This coating not only protects the driveway from premature water damage but also helps with limiting the growth of organic matter, impede the breeding of bacteria and so on. Furthermore, the spray sealing will provide a layer of UV protection to the concrete driveway, and this works to limit the risk of cracking and scaling, both of which accelerate the deterioration of the driveway.

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