4 Vital Questions To Ask Your Prospective Land Surveyor Before Hiring

23 November 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Buying land is a huge investment. Before spending money purchasing property, it's prudent to hire a professional land surveyor. A reputable land surveyor assesses the property and collects more information regarding the land. This information is critical in determining whether or not to buy the land. Receiving an accurate and comprehensive property survey is crucial, and the primary reason enlisting a trustworthy land surveyor is essential. However, before hiring a land surveyor, consider asking these four vital questions to find the right one. 

Are You Licensed To Work In Your State? 

It's essential to ensure that the land surveying professional you hire is licensed to operate in the state or jurisdiction of your property. Therefore, ask your prospective land surveyor whether they have the appropriate certifications to survey properties in your area. Generally, every jurisdiction has unique land regulations. That means even if you enlist experienced land surveyors, their lack of knowledge regarding your jurisdiction's land laws might result in costly mistakes. Thus, hiring licensed and accredited professionals to survey the land in your local area is paramount for enhanced accuracy.

What Is Your Experience Level?

A land surveyor's experience is highly essential and can be what makes all the difference. A professional surveyor with a proven track record of customer service should provide proof of completed land surveying projects in the past. An inexperienced land surveyor might not be familiar with specific codes and regulations applicable in your area. Therefore, work with a professional land surveyor with a wealth of experience handling land survey projects within your area. 

What Details Will The Survey Contain? 

There are numerous categories of land surveys depending on the type of property and requirements. The ideal property survey will often depend on your unique needs. Thus, always discuss your options with prospective land surveyors before hiring them. Poor or zero clarity in the survey details might cost you more money or problems with the local authorities.

How Long Will The Survey Take?

Another critical question to ask your land surveyor is how long they intend to complete the survey. While some surveys might be urgent, reputable surveyors always take time to complete the land survey with precision, accuracy and professionalism. Avoid hiring land surveyors who rush into giving you unrealistic survey timelines. Generally, land surveys are involving and time-consuming, with some taking up to two weeks or more. Whether you are working under tight schedules or not, hire a land surveyor who can provide realistic timelines for well-researched and accurate land surveys. 

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