What Factors do You Need to Consider for Commercial Air Conditioning Service?

23 May 2019
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Making the decision to pick a commercial air conditioning service is major, and it is a big predictor of the comfort that your office will have. If you go with a company that does not install air conditioning properly or they give a bad service in general, this will cause problems in the long run. These problems could lead to a higher energy bill, and the system may wear down quickly. Read More 

6 Tips to Keep Offices Cool in Hot Weather

3 May 2019
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Summer days can send office temperatures soaring, which can have catastrophic effects on workplace productivity. If the heat is preventing your employees from working at their best, use these tips to bring the indoor temperature down to a more comfortable level. 1. Banish Bright Sunlight Direct sunlight falling on the windows of an office can make the temperature inside soar. Installing slatted or sunshade blinds can reduce the heat delivered by the sun's rays, while still allowing ambient light to enter. Read More 

Here’s What May Cause Your Electric Hot Water System to Act Up

28 January 2019
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Is your water heater not working properly or has it stopped working completely? Not having hot water for your shower, laundry, dishes, and more is one of the most annoying plumbing issues you may face in your home. But what can cause water heating appliances to fail? There are so many potential causes of water heater malfunction. Keep reading on below to find out some of the most likely culprits behind hot water system failure. Read More 

Factors to Consider When Selecting Concrete Kerbing

29 June 2017
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Concrete kerbing is one of the most durable landscape edging options that are available to property owners. Its design and installation is so versatile that one must define their needs clearly in order to select the best options available. This article discusses some of the areas you should think about as you select concrete kerbing for your residential or commercial property.  Speed Control How large is the driveway or parking lot on your property? Read More 

5 Upcycled and Recycled Roofing Options

23 June 2017
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Concerned about the environmental impact of your buying decisions? Thinking about a new roof? Then, it may be time to marry those ideas by putting in roofing made of upcycled or recycled materials. The variety of potential choices may surprise you. 1. Recycled Metal Roofing Metal roofs last considerably longer than most other types of building materials, and they almost always consist of recycled metal. Generally, metal roofs feature at least 25% recycled materials, but you can look for manufacturers who use a higher percentage of recycled materials. Read More