Four Ways The Transportation Industry Uses Directional Drilling Services

15 March 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The transportation industry is constantly evolving. New technologies and innovations are being introduced every day, and companies are always looking for new ways to improve their business.

One of the most beneficial innovations for the transportation industry is directional drilling services. Directional drilling has helped companies cut costs, increase productivity, and make projects more environmentally friendly. 

Here are four ways that directional drilling services are used by transportation companies:

1. For Underground Pipes For Highways

Highways have a lot of pipes running under them for water, gas, and other utilities. Directional drilling services can help you to create this underground pipe system right under your highway without disrupting traffic. The pipes are usually made of concrete, steel, or plastic and they carry water, gas, or sewage through them. Drilling under a road is much safer and quicker than digging up the road itself every time a pipe needs replacing or repairing.

2. To Drill Pipes Under Roads Or Railways To Create A Path For Electric And Water Lines

Directional drilling can also be used to create paths for electric and water lines under roads or railways. This makes it easier for maintenance crews to access these areas without having to shut down traffic or disrupt train schedules in order to make repairs or install new lines. 

3. To Create Tunnels And Roads Under Waterways

When building roads over water bodies like rivers or lakes, contractors often use directional drilling services to create tunnels under waterways so they can continue building their project above ground level without disrupting traffic flow or damaging existing infrastructure below ground level like sewers and utility lines. This allows contractors to access areas where traditional construction methods wouldn't work because there's no room for equipment such as bulldozers

4. To Install Traffic Lights

Directional drilling services are often used in major cities where traffic lights need to be installed. When installing traffic lights, contractors must dig deep trenches in order to place underground wiring for standard poles. Using directional drilling services allows workers to avoid digging long trenches in concrete or asphalt because they are able to drill directly into the existing material without disturbing existing construction or traffic flow on nearby streets or highways.

When it comes to maintaining and improving existing roads, bridges, and other transportation networks, directional drilling services can be a valuable asset. Chat with a professional about how directional drilling services can assist with your next construction project.