4 Critical Considerations When Selecting Sustainable Building Materials for Your Construction Project

12 May 2022
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Choosing sustainable building materials for your construction project requires careful thinking. However, it's vital to consider the bigger picture since materials are just a single piece of the sustainability puzzle. You must consider numerous other factors, including energy efficiency, environmental impact, water usage, performance, etc. Selecting the ideal building materials is no longer solely dependent on structural efficiency. Consider balancing various factors to make a sustainable choice, including:  Design Efficiency  Read More 

Why Concrete Sleepers Are the Best in Railway Track Construction

16 March 2022
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Sleepers play a crucial role in railway tracks. First, they transfer the load from the tracks to the subgrade and ballast. In addition, they ensure stability of the rails by holding them firmly together and keeping them spaced to the required gauge. Moreover, they help reduce vibrations from the rails, among many other functions. However, sleepers are made from a wide range of materials. Wood, cast iron, steel, composite and concrete are the standard sleeper materials you will find. Read More