3 Subtle Signs Your Plumbing System Is Screaming for a Professional Plumber's Touch

25 November 2019
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Knowing when to call a plumber is critical if you want to avoid expensive plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, most homeowners wait until it is too late before calling a plumber, and this often leads to costly repairs. In most cases, such delay is usually borne from the lack of knowledge of the subtle signs of plumbing problems. Having a clear understanding of the early signs of a troublesome plumbing system helps you to know when to call a plumber and save your house's plumbing system. 

Black Specks in the Water

One of the most commonly ignored signs of deteriorating plumbing systems is black specks in the water. Most people often believe that these specks are simply a sign of dirt from the water source. However, nothing could be further from the truth because the black bits in your home's water are a sign that something is not right. One possible reason could be pipe corrosion since irregular pieces of a pipe break off and wind up in your plumbing system. If the black specks feel rubbery, then it is a clear indication that the rubber gasket or washer is deteriorating. Therefore, rather than ignore the black specks in your water, make sure you call a professional plumber to take a look at the plumbing system and make the necessary repairs.

High Water Pressure 

According to professional plumbers, most homeowners seek the services of a plumber when the water pressure is lower than desired.  However, very few understand that high water pressure is also a problem that needs checking by a plumber. The reason is that high water pressure can have a detrimental effect on most plumbing appliances and systems. For instance, high water pressure puts pipes at risk of cracking or breaking and reduces the service life for your home's plumbing system. Therefore, if you notice banging pipes, running toilets and leaking faucets, then the chances are high that your water pressure is too high and needs an inspection by a professional plumber.

Bubbles Pop When Draining Dishwasher

When draining the dishwasher, there shouldn't be any bubbles popping up, and if you notice some, then you have a problem in your hands. It is usually the first sign of a blocked kitchen drain, particularly inside the elbow. Therefore, as your water drains, the trapped air resulting from blocked drains escapes up the drain, and that is why you see bubbles. Another possible reason for air bubbles in the kitchen drain is uneven drainage in the plumbing system, and this promotes the formation of air pockets within the pipes. Calling a plumber as soon as you see signs of bubbles helps to prevent the adverse effects of a blocked kitchen drain.