Could Your Property Benefit From Installing Water Pumps?

21 December 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Do you need to transfer water across your land? If you live somewhere with a mains water supply, you may not worry too much about water within your home, but perhaps you still need water to cool your machinery or irrigate your crops. In many cases, you will want to use water from elsewhere on your land to ensure that your crops are watered or to use for industrial purposes. You may have a farm with a stream or a river flowing through it. Perhaps there is a lake or a borehole that you could use as a water source, but to move the water from one location to another, you must have a pump. Similarly, you could gather rainwater as it falls from the sky and use Davey water pumps or something similar to move the water across the site from the storage location to where it is needed.

A fixed or a portable solution

Much of the time, you will need to have a water pump permanently in place to send water through your pipework and ensure that it reaches the destination at the right pressure. If you are relying on the water to provide irrigation, then it will be in use for most of the year. If the water is needed for industrial purposes, it could be needed almost continuously. However, there may be situations where a portable pump makes more sense. Maybe you will use the water for various purposes at different times of the year. Perhaps you want to use the water pumps for boom spraying or sheep jetting, so the portability of the equipment is vital. One further reason to consider investing in portable water pumps is to have them on hand in an emergency.

Help when disaster strikes

Most of the time, life will go on without too many changes. However, from time to time an emergency can arise. Two of the most common disasters can both be mitigated with water pumps. If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires, having a pump somewhere close by and an accessible supply of water will help to protect your property and keep your family safe. Similarly, if your home is flooded, either by an overflowing river or a burst pipe, having a pump you can use to remove the water from your home can help your family return to normality as soon as possible.